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Manipulating Vocals

Just by taking sounds, genres, instruments, and vocals into uncharted territories by manipulating them sonically into an almost unrecognizable form, then redeploying it into your track can add an entirely new context to your music.

For example, you can utilize a vocal sample to create a lead synth sound that almost sounds like a distorted flute. This can easily be done with extreme pitch transpositions of whole vocal phrases and passages, or replayed through a vocal sampler at much higher pitches. By utilizing a sampler, you can also experiment with pitch-bending parameters to create real time movement to create interesting melodies. 

Start by playing your vocal sample at least 12 semitones (1 octave) higher than the original root pitch, then allowing a pitch bending parameter to move the pitch up or down at appropriate moments during the flow of the vocal. You may find some pretty surprising results. 

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