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D16 Group Godfazer

D16 Group Godfazer

Billed as their "most versatile and powerful modulation effect yet", D16 Group's Godfazer is a creatively-minded plugin that's geared up to emulate a range of vintage processors, as well as "dozens of additional custom modes". 

It all kicks off in the Ensemble and Multi Filter sections, where a multitude of delay and amplitude-modulation devices are modelled - from BBD-based choruses and Solina-style ensembles to rotary speakers - and dual filters that draw on more than 40 diverse types, including your regular LP/HP/BP filters, crazy dual shelving EQs, formant filters and all manner of phasers. 

Dual modulators provide four flavors of cutoff or center frequency modulation - LFO, envelope, following, step sequencing, and static offset - and are both routed independently to each Multi Filter, "for truly complex signal blending".

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