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Wah E Piano

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It's all about the Wah! Wah E Piano is a sampled simulation of the Rhodes MKII but with extra WAH.

The Rhodes MKII was the famous american electro-mechanical piano of the seventies, invented during World War II by a music teacher, Harold B. Rhodes (1910 - 2000), and widely used in almost all musical genres ranging from soul/black music to jazz, blues, modern and pop. This instrument has rapidly become a legend, and is still used today, altough samples have replaced the real thing so that very often music producers use huge sample libraries or hardware keyboards / workstations to achieve this kind of sonority, and often the result is a cold and 'dead' sound, with no vitality, no warmth, nothing that even compares to the unpredictability and genuineness of the real thing.

You get 5 classic versions of The Rhodes MKII. You can add your Distortion, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb, plus a Filter cut off.