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Dusty Nylon - Acoustic Guitar Melodies & Riffs

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This is a genre-blending pack of guitar samples created by producer Melting Resonance. There are 21 samples in this pack, each labeled with a key and bpm.

Thank you for your interest and support! If you have any questions please use the form to contact us. All the proceeds help us keep doing what we do best, making great sounds for you!

This sample pack blends genres in a refreshing and unique way, taking influence from lofi, ambient, and pop. The guitar sounds range from clean Nylon tones to more Lofi warble even some palm mutes. All samples have been processed through an Akai 4000D for that authentic tape-saturated sound.

Made by beat makers for beat makers!

This pack is perfect for:

  • Beatmakers
  • Producers
  • Sound artists
  • Analog tape artists
  • Musicians
  • Sound designers