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2MP - Hybrid KEYS Vintage Electric Piano Ableton Instrument Rack

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This Ableton midi instrument rack was constructed using Patches I made over the years using the synthesis engine in the Korg 01/WFD, a unique rompler keyboard from the mid-90s. A commonly overlooked feature of the is the synthesizer function which allows you to apply harmonics to a basic tone and apply some really unique filters to the synthesized sound.

Going forward this opens the doors for some really interesting sonic noise. I’ve applied this to generate the electric keyboard sound and a vibraphone sound which I then built an entire Ableton Live instrument around. The end result provides similar vibes to a Rhodes piano.

There are many sounds that can be generated with the 01/WFD this way and I already have a few ideas for some other instruments so be on the lookout for more in the 2MP - Hybrid KEYS series.