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The Ultimate Guide to Mixing Course
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Is Your Mix Letting You Down? This 6-part course takes the guesswork out of the mixing process, directing your attention straight to a professional mix's essentials. 

This course looks at six fundamental mix areas you should be focused on throughout the production process, no matter what DAW you use. By focusing on these areas when approaching a mix you will develop a more effective workflow leading to a better, more consistent mix every time.

The insights you'll learn here will guarantee that you maintain audio quality throughout the process and produce better-sounding mixes and masters that sound more dynamic, engaging, and emotionally powerful. 

Areas of Study

  • Gain-staging – optimizing the signal flow in your mix, reducing distortion, and preserving dynamic range.
  • Phase – dealing with offset issues as well as effects and creative use.
  • Panning – Giving separation and focus to elements in the mix plus some creative tips & tricks.
  • Stereo Width and Depth – Enhancing the left to right and front to back image to create better stereophonic combinations.
  • Meters – Using tools to help us visually read our mix, measuring actual loudness as we hear it, and the various standards used in metering tools.

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