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Using Reverb for a Three Dimensional Sound

Using reverb is a classic mixing tool for adding width, but it’s also crucial for adding a third dimension to your mix: depth.

By adding depth to your stereo image, you're also expanding the stereo image as a whole. Reverb will give you more room for every sound to breathe and settle into the mix. 

There are many different ways to use reverb and add space to your mix, but any reverb technique will add some degree of depth and spaciousness to your mix. 

There are also many types of reverbs. Each is capable of adding a distinct vibe and depth to your mix. 

Choosing the perfect type of reverb to give that extra oomph without drastically changing your audio's character will take some practice. But when it comes to width, Hall reverb is always a great place to start.

But don't just stop there... all types of reverb can do wonders for adding three-dimensionality depending on your mix and production style. 

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