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The 6 Problematic Frequency Ranges

The 6 Problematic Frequency Ranges
  • 200Hz (Mud)
    • This area in the frequency spectrum can cause the track or mix to sound muddy if there's too much of it, but when there's not enough, it can sound very thin. 
  • 300 to 500Hz (Boxy)
    • Too much of this frequency range can cause your track or mix to sound boxy. In almost every scenario, you can benefit from cutting a few dBs in this area
  • 800Hz (Cheap sounding)
    • When listening to most cheap stereo systems, you'll find that 800Hz is overly emphasized. Too much of this range is obviously not a good thing and should be treated with small cuts. 
  • 1kHz to 1.5kHz (Nasal)
    • This range is predominantly for vocals. Having too much of this range in vocals can make it sound like the singer is singing through their nose. 
  • 4kHz to 6kHz (Presence)
    • This range gives your track presence. Too little, and your track sounds dull like there's something missing, but too much will make it sound thin. 
  • 10kHz+ (Air)
    • This range provides clarity and makes everything glue together and sound more realistic.
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