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MAutoPitch by MeldaProduction - Free Autotune VST Plugin

MAutoPitch by MeldaProduction - Free Autotune VST Plugin

MAutoPitch is a simple automatic pitch correction plugin designed for vocals and other monophonic instruments. Besides its main purpose of making the audio more in-tune, MAutoPitch provides features like such as formant shift and stereo-expansion.

MAutoPitch features up to 8 channels surround processing - MAutoPitch can handle not only mono and stereo signals, but also up to 8 channels of surround audio, making it ideal for audio production for movies, games, etc. MAutoPitch also offers an advanced and easy-to-use user interface - The user can change all values, fine-tune each control in multiple ways. Standardized GUI, textual editing, and smooth visualization with almost unlimited zooming are standard in all MeldaProduction plug-ins. On top of that, resizable and styable GUI's are supported. 

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