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How to make a Trap Lead like Quix in Serum

  • Under OSC A select a Saw Wave
    • Set the Unison to 4
    • Dial back the detune knob to 
  • Under OSC B select a Square Wave
    • Lower the Octave by 1
    • Set the Unison to 4
    • DIal back the Detune Knob to .10
  • Under Sub select a Triangle Wave
    • Lower the Octave by 1
  • Under Noise select BrightWhite
    • Using White noise will fill up any gaps in the frequency spectrum
    • Make sure Note mode is activated
  • Now for the filter, select Combs under Misc
    • This is one of the signature ingredients when making a lead like Quix
    • Make sure Both Oscillators, as well as the Sub and Noise Osc, are being routed through the filter
    • Leave the Cutoff at 0
    • Play with the Resonance to get different timbres
  • Envelopes
    • We'll only be using Envelope 1
    • Set the Attack to 100ms
    • Set the Hold to 30 MS
    • Play with the release, I liked how it sounded at 500ms
  • Hyper/Dim
    • Hyper
      • Start by setting the Mix to 100% to hear only what the Hyper is doing. 
      • We want this preset to sound massive, so lets up the Unison to 7. 
      • It's up to you on what you set the rate to. I chose to set it to 0 and set up a Macro Knob to change the amount by 50
      • I decided to bump up the Detune amount to 65
      • Now dial back the Mix to taste, I went with 35%
    • Dimension
      • As for the Dimension, we're going to leave the Size where it's at by default (50%)
      • Set the Mix to 10% and drag Envelope 1 to Modulate it by 65.
      • This way the Lead will get wider as the sound opens up
  • Distortion
    • Select Sin Fold
    • Star by dialing back the Drive to 0 and setting the Mix to 100%
    • Now we can start adding the Drive-in. Any more than 20% with a 100% mix is going to be pretty distorted, so be sure to not have your volume too loud when adjusting 😃
    • I went with a 10% Drive, then dialed back the mix to 50
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