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Creating Depth

Generally when we hear the term “Stereo Spacing” we think of Left to Right mixing. Stereo Wideners, the Haas effect, etc. All of which are various planning tools. 

These tools work well, but you must not forget that you must also have depth to achieve a great sounding mix. 

So how do we add depth? We can either

  1. Adjust the volume
  2. Roll off high end frequencies

Let’s talk about volume. Picture this scenario in your head. Say I'm talking at a constant volume  right in front of you, as well as 50 ft away. I’m going to be a lot louder to you when I’m directly in front of you compared to 50 ft away. So apply this to mixing, you can add depth to a sound simply by lowering its volume.

Next is frequency. Higher frequencies have a shorter wavelength compared to lower frequencies and can’t travel as far. Imagine a car passing by outside of your home blasting music. What do you hear more of? The Bass! Not any of the high end frequencies like hi-hats.

By rolling off some of the high end frequencies, you can push the sound further away from the listener. This works well when trying to allow one sound to remain upfront, when other sounds are competing for space. Think of a vocal on top of a synth instrument. 

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